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Author’s Note : Jaded16 knows that today is two days away from her promised hiatus end. But, she got some fabulous news down on her end and after much squealing grown-upesque  contemplating she decided to post her published article on Womanist Musings. It’s a kick-arse blog that she has been e-stalking legally following since quite a while. Apparently if you e-stalk legally follow it enough, the writer gets tired and just asks you to write a post for her already. Some people believe in perseverance, Jaded16 preaches e-stalking legal following. Keep your young away from me if you have any sense. Heh.

This is my article cross – posted from Womanist Musings.

Peddling Women’s Vaccines, Lies and Death in India.

This is the ad campaign used with Cervical Vaccination shots all over India from July 2009.

Out in the West, India is peddled to unsuspecting and slightly simple – minded tourists as the country of Slumdog Millionaire, mass girl fetus murders, the biggest slum dwelling in Asia and now to add to our list we’ve got using innocent girls as lab rats to test a vaccine. Not that any of these claims are untrue; just that the tourism departments of the world over need a good kick you-know-where for being so creative.

The Government hosted a health awareness drive in alliance with PATH last July in the three remote districts of Andhra Pradesh and Gujarat. The goal was to vaccinate 14,000 girls against cervical cancer. What is interesting about the choice of these districts is most of them are either rural or tribal areas (except one zone Thirumalayapalem which is an urban zone) where the target masses are often illiterate and poor. Another point to mention that a similar campaign is on in Peru, Uganda and Vietnam. The vaccine Gardasil, the commercially licensed HPV vaccine produced by Merck Sharp and Dohme (MSD) was given in the selected zones only whereas it was marketed all over the country.

  1. The American Chronicle on February 27, 2010 wrote, “Reports are coming in on a daily basis of young girls and women affected by adverse reactions to the HPV vaccine”.
  2. The Guardian on September 29, 2009 wrote, “An investigation has been launched after a 14-year-old girl died upon receiving a cervical cancer vaccination” and lastly ;
  3. The Lancet reports on February 2010, “We will not know for many more years whether HPV vaccination will prevent cancer or, in the worst case, do harm”. In fact The Lancet went as far as to suggest that developing countries should allocate their allotted resources to cervical screening rather than HPV vaccination, until it’s proven that HPV vaccine helps prevent cervical cancer. It seems like NO ONE in India read these articles. Or if they did, they decided to administer these vaccinations anyway.

These vaccines have numerous side-effects including epileptic fits, blood disorders, arthritis, neurological disorders and seizures. In more than two reported cases, this vaccine was fatal; however these deaths were finalized as “suicides” by doctors and the postmortems alike. Their evidence: the epileptic fits which were a result of the vaccine is now used as an indicator of insanity thus clearing the Government or PATH of any blame. This issue was brought to the forefront by TEHELKA’s brave journalism.

Upon questioning the motive behind introducing an expensive vaccine like Gardasil in India, the PATH representatives have been cited saying, “The study is conducted to generate critical data and experience for evidence-based decision-making about public sector immunization programmes as part of a broader cancer-of-the cervix prevention and control strategy. Similar studies are being conducted in Peru, Uganda and Vietnam. This is to simply keep India prepared for the day when these vaccines become affordable.”

There have been reports that state around 120 students developed complications after the vaccination — ranging from epileptic fits, allergies, diarrhea, dizziness and nausea. Dr. Shekhar associated with the Nallipaka PHC, who had a target of 2,400 children but could manage only 1,800 till February 27, adds: “Many developed complications, but we don’t know if they turned serious since we aren’t in touch with the girls.”

Somehow no one paused to ask if there were any side-effects to these drugs? Was the full consent of these minor girls and their parents taken? Were they informed choices? Or this drug was taken under the assumption that “The Government knows best”? After all no Government would want to expose its population to a drug which was faced much music in many countries, would it?

I am so angry to see how the Government could just use the lives of countless girls to experiment on and to test a drug! PETA and other animal rights organizations disapprove of such trials on animals and here our Government has sanctioned to use girls –PEOPLE – as laboratory animals?! Is it because as girls and women, we have no agency over our bodies or the culture and by extension sees us as “disposable”, “usable” commodities? Another problem lies in the fact that most of these zones are some of the country’s most poor and illiterate places. The drug administers hand-in-glove with the Government has doubly, hell, fool proofed their agenda. There is absolutely no way in which these people could retaliate. I can imagine similar situations in Peru, Uganda and Vietnam. The drug was pulled out of the UK, USA and Australia once the media started raising reasonable doubts in the minds of the people. India however has nothing more radical then just ban the ad campaign under the grounds of “fomenting fear” while continuing to use girls as their personal experiment.

This is the country that has a Female President and whose legislation that is undergoing drastic changes in the Women’s Reservation Bill at the moment, but, prefers to keep such matters under wraps. I wonder if the Government would have allowed encouraged such an experiment had the lives of Indian men and boys had been at stake. My name is Jaded16 for a reason.

For further information on this vaccine and its consequences read TEHELKA’s article.

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  1. James

     /  March 25, 2010

    Wow. I love the way you just change tones whenever addressing anything that is difficult for you. This one is obviously written with a lot of passion. Good for you Jaded16 for getting published.

  2. Sunil

     /  March 26, 2010

    (Came here via Womanist Musings.) I read the Tehelka article when it came out and thought it was a lot of scaremongering. If you see the actual data, it’s 772 serious cases out of 23 million doses of the vaccine. This article reprints the data from the actual study done by the CDC and FDA in the US: http://www.sciencebasedmedicine.org/?p=1652.

    I’m not debating the issue of big pharma and third-world exploitation. I’m only talking about the medical aspects, which have been pretty badly mis-represented.

  3. spincitysd

     /  March 26, 2010

    The Lancet article you quote is an opinion piece not double-bind research. It is by a nice man from Sloan-Kettering who specialty is cancer. Two small problems: his specialty is lung cancer not uterine cancer and he not an immunologist or a toiler in the field of public health. This is no small matter as the real specialist would work in discipline of public health and preventive medicine.

    Since the Lancet has a pay wall of $31.50 to actually read the article in question I will let the good doctor’s considered opinion undisturbed as what it is; the opinion of one medical professional outside of his area of expertise and in no way,shape or form the delivered final truth on the matter.

    “These vaccines have numerous side-effects including epileptic fits, blood disorders, arthritis, neurological disorders and seizures. In more than two reported cases, this vaccine was fatal; however these deaths were finalized as “suicides” by doctors and the postmortems alike. Their evidence: the epileptic fits which were a result of the vaccine is now used as an indicator of insanity thus clearing the Government or PATH of any blame”

    Really? Numerous side-effects? Strange that the USA CDC is unaware of this matter as is the USA FDA. They would be much disturbed such a outcome. But look here, let’s see, right, Forty Million doses delivered and with only minor side effects. Hello, there seems to be a disconnect here.

    One statistic is claiming adverse-effects of 120 of of 1,800 while another is reporting 12,424 adverse reactions out of 23,000,000 with the most prevalent being site swelling. Quick back of the envelope calculation of the first claim is about a 6.6% rate of adverse reaction or much worse than the now strictly limited small pox vaccine.

    And what fiendishly lovely, over-the-top adverse reactions; “epileptic fits, blood disorders, arthritis, neurological disorders and seizures” wow that stuff is cutting a bright crimson slash through the heartland of India. Strange how none of this occurred in places that have more rigorous reporting requirements like, you know, The UK, The EU, The USA, Canada or Australia. Nope, those side-effects just sailed right under the radar. Pretty odd that MSD was able to pull the wool over eyes of the major industrial nations medical oversight infrastructure. Odd that all those enforcement agencies failed to notice all those dead and or broken bodies caused by Gardasil. Even odder in the U.S.A. that no group of Ambulance Chasing lawyers missed this golden opportunity for a huge payday. Personal Injury lawyers absolutely love going after deep pocket business that cause the type nefarious damage that you claim of MSD.

    Oh that’s right, It is not sold here anymore. It has been foisted on you lot out there in India. I must have been hallucinating during the New Year when every other commercial on the Television was an add for Gardasil. I must have been dreaming when I saw the full-paged glossy ads in major women’s magazines. That must be some other item called Gardasil that is heaving cash-off coupons around like confetti. My bad.

    “I am so angry to see how the Government could just use the lives of countless girls to experiment on and to test a drug” Sigh, you have no idea how totally insane that claim is. At the very least it an example of willful ignorance. No drug of any shape or form escapes from the USFDA without the most rigorous of testing. Safe and Effective that is the hard and fast rule. Inoculations are especially given the most stringent of oversight. The FDA would never, ever put the general public at risk with an untested inoculate. Nothing very surprising in that, it’s very reputation is on the line with these substances. It is the very definition of a core competency for the agency. If the FDA can’t get inoculations right, it may as well close its doors. The government of India had full faith in the due diligence of the FDA and the FDA does not allow people to be experimented on without consent–period, end of drill, end of discussion.

    Gardasil is a safe and effective means of preventing one of the major causes of Uterine Cancer-HPV. Your piece bears all the hall marks of anti-vax smear job. The thin sourcing, the over-the-top claims, the dark intimations of dirty deeds done by those in power. It is such thin gruel. It dispatch from place where logic and reason have been banished and replaced by belief in all-singing, all-dancing conspiracies. In your case those conspiracies revolve around Indian women.

    Jaded16 there is plenty of totally screwed-up misogynist bulls**t going on in India (and elsewhere) that there is no real need to invent more out of whole cloth. Use your head, and Occam’s razor; which is the more likely : a grand conspiracy by the government of India to sicken over six percent of the young female population to please evil, shadowy, corporate bad guys, or just another vicious rumor making the rounds in the Subcontinent. Occam and logic demand you choose the latter option.

  4. Jade came across your blog because of the post you made about Peddling Women’s Vaccines, Lies and Death in India. Excellent job – in fact I have enjoyed reading all of the comments about women’s issues that you have posted.

    I hope that you will take a look at my blog at http://holyhormones.com. It has a wealth of information not only on Gardasil – but all other aspects of women’s hormonal health.

    Back to the HPV vaccines. I am one of 6 women who presented data and research to the FDA on the dangers of Gardasil and Cervarix. All of this information is posted at http://truthaboutgardasil.org under FDA Webinar documents. I hope that you will help us spread the word and get the facts out to women to educate before you vaccinate.

    There have now been 18,000 reported adverse reactions and 64 deaths with more reports coming in around the world. Also 272 cases of abnormal pap tests have been reported post-vaccination. There is no doubt that this vaccine is dangerous to women’s health.


    • Thank you Leslie. I love your blog! I think it’s admirable what you’re trying to do. I knew people wouldn’t like me writing about this sensitive topic. I’ve received a ton of angry e-mails and nasty comments regarding this (I posted one of the best angry comments up here).

      I think it’s important that we speak out. I remember watching this ad on T.V. and making a mental note to talk to my gynecologist. Luckily I’m extremely forgetful and that was that. I don’t want to think what could/would have happened had I followed through on that thought. That’s why when I read the article in TEHELKA I just knew I had to speak up.

      Thank you for your support. I hope both of us can reach out and let as many people know about the danger of the HPV vaccines.


  5. Thanks for guest posting at Womanist Musings:)

  6. wlwbofi

     /  April 11, 2010

    Brave post. Thank you for speaking out. I checked out your other posts too. You write really well. Keep writing!

  7. affiliate

     /  April 16, 2010

    Thank you for posting this. Meant a lot to me.

  8. QWMichael

     /  April 18, 2010

    [Comment deleted because despite numerous previous spam warnings, he will post comments about how hard he is. The author of the blog knows just how hard he isn’t]

  9. JKJames

     /  April 24, 2010

    Nice post. Thank you for sharing

  10. If only more people could read this.


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