Myths DeBunked

Seems like a lot of people search the annals of this blog to find just who I am, where I come from and various other — entirely unnecessary — and mind-numbing details. Here’s a convenient list–

Q.1) Just who is this Jaded16?

A.1) Jaded is a WOC from India who happens to let out her rambling LadyFeelings out thinly disguised — that is when she does bother to  make them appear as quasi-smart, which is as often as a PopVideo doesn’t objectify women  —  as posts to the poor e-stalkers of the Olde Interwebs. She is a publicly UnSubtle 20-year-old, feminist, self-proclaimed non-cook, aspiring poet and writer, objectively Leftist and a LGTQ ally in the making. She hopes to be a cultural theorist someday. These days she settles for daydreaming instead of actually doing anything.

Q.2) This Jaded person (despite her name) sounds fun! I want to speak to her/get her to review a book/ask her questions/become an e-friend instead of an e-stalker. Where do I contact her?

A.2) Jaded can be reached at iamjadedsixteen [at] gmail [dot] com (Seriously, installing that fancyarse e-mail button was no use, she mused existentially to herself). And for people who want to remain anonymous are just too lazy to actually copy-paste the address, you can write to  her here. She gets swarmed by hilarious amounts of TrollMail each day. So excuse her if she takes a few days to reply to your e-mail. And this entirely depends if you are a TrollPerson or not. Spoiler: She might even publish an e-mail if you’re the latter and start the Mockathon. She’s pretty sinister stable that way.

Q.3) So this BLOG! thing is all Jaded does?

A.3) Jaded is a part-time French and English teacher to high school heathens children. She is a student of Literature herself. Though these days she calls it “The Legacy Of The DeadDudes And DeadLadies” just so people will stop hounding her about her sick obsession with classics and archaic texts. It backfires more times than she has the self-esteem to admit.

Q.4) Hey now that I think of it, I’ve seen the name Jaded floating around in the Olde Interwebs. I’m to lazy to actually look those pages up. Can you tell me where else does Jaded write? And will she write for me?

A.4) Jaded is a regular Guest Contributor at Womanist Musings and at SexGenderBody. Sometimes she guest posts at the FBomb as well. Or you may know from her Tumblr account. Jaded will write for just about anything — within the realm of feminism, social justice, pop-culture analysis and common sense —  from guest posts to journalistic pieces, if you ask her nicely that is. She doesn’t think any kind of writing is below her — with the visible exception of propaganda — and is currently engaged in re-popularising the art of e-mails, to the dismay of all her receivers.

Q.5) Also, I wrote a really nice, long, well thought out and researched comment comparing about two cultural practices and even managed to juxtapose it with three or more antithetical elements. However, something happened. More specifically, it disappeared. Something Jaded can do about that? Thanks.

A.5) Jaded loves to feed such comments to her close ally – The SpamSoldier. She advises all Edgy-Hipster-Type-People to write those sort of comments here. This way, she won’t singe half of her lobes off on such an alarmingly regular basis.

Q.6) I heard somewhere that this blog is a humour blog. But one thing, I don’t find it funny. What happened to Jaded?

A.6) You did hear correctly. This used to be a humour blog. But then she pledged her soul to Feminism one day and co-incidentally, somehow, gave up her sense of humour in exchange for a pair of scissors. These days she uses said scissors to cut off Edgy-Hipster-Type-People to pieces who keep on advising on what her BLOG! should be like or how she should write them.

Q.7) What about this Weekly Textual/Sexual Reader? More specifically, why does she favour books by women?

A.7) Jaded favours books by women because too many dudes have written stuff about themselves anyway. Also, you shouldn’t be on the blog if you’re asking this question.

Q.8) I read something interesting that Jaded would like. Will she accept suggestions?

A.8) Jaded has accepted such requests before and really likes to hear from her readers — all three of them. However, she doesn’t like any orders, demands or directives and will quite possibly just delete them if they bear even an inkling of dominance. Remember, she is under no obligation to use your suggestions, however important they may seem to you.






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